Chai Udom Sin Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 to provide the varieties of “Tapioca Products” including Modified Tapioca Starch, Native Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Chips and Tapioca Pellets to worldwide market. 

In 2004, our co-operation on the Native Tapioca Starch production has  begun  in   Nakornratchasima province, where is one of the main sources of tapioca root supply as raw material in Thailand.

In 2007, our company has landed   the new facility to brunch-out  our  produc t categorie s and  to aggressively expand our market coverage to other animal feed ingredients and plant cultivating-bed sectors.

In 2008, with our vision on the continuous growth and to extensively cover the specialized  products   for human consumption, Chai Udom Sin Co.,Ltd. has stepped further to the “Rice” market in providing  the premium quality of rice as well as Rice’s by-products for animal feed.

Our company has been  differentiating ourselves from competitors by not only providing
“Consistent Quality Products” but also “Solutions and Options” for our customers.  With our extensive product  categories in related to our markets’  presences, our  customers  can  network our  company  as  “One-Point-Of-Contact”  to  source the raw materials and products whenever required.
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